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Shanghai Jiao Tong University 上海交通大学

Address: 800 Dongchuan RD. Minhang District, Shanghai, China 

SJTU enjoys an increasingly high scientific research level and technological innovation level. Up to 2019, SJTU led the country for the 11th consecutive year in terms of both the number of projects and the amount of funds received from the National Natural Science Foundation of China. In 2020, the number of SCI papers hit a historical high with a total number of 8,239. With 1 National Science and Technology Infrastructure, 8 State Key Laboratories, 5 National Engineering Research Centers, 2 National Engineering Laboratories, and many other joint centers and platforms, SJTU is encouraging talents all over the world.

SJTU also prioritizes the quality of its campus facilities, such as libraries, student innovation centers, laboratories, and sports facilities. Committed to education through culture, SJTU has integrated traditional Chinese culture into the campus culture development and has won a series of awards, such as the ACM world Championship, the iGEM Competition, and the MCM/IMC Contest. SJTU took the lead in organizing a variety of activities nationwide and had excellent performances in sports events, drama, symphony orchestra, and other similar activies.

SJTU insists on enhancing educational internationalization, constantly improving its comprehensive strengths and global influence, exploring a future-oriented internationalization strategy, speeding up the implementation of a new international development plan, expanding overseas layout, building overseas centers, deepening strategic cooperation, and promoting in-depth exchange visits so as to make steady progress towards the goal of establishing a world-class institution of higher education. Currently, SJTU has students from about 140 countries and institutional cooperation agreements with more than 150 well-known universities around the world.

Carrying forth the mission of preserving cultural heritage, seeking truth, bearing the responsibility of invigorating the Chinese nation and all humankind, today, this centennial university is sailing towards the goal of becoming a comprehensive, innovative, and internationalized world-class university. Shanghai Jiao Tong University belongs to China, but more so, it belongs to the world.